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If you have not already viewed the video explaining how the turbine powered car works, you may do so by clicking this link.

The Producer of Today's Tech News wrote: Now I would like to give you some background of the car. The plans for the car were discovered in the appendix of an unpublished manuscript by Conrad F. Cullin Jr. His previous book, The Forbidden Stone of the Orinoco, although full of inventions and humor didn't sell very well. So this manuscript was put on hold until a proof reader, whose hobby was tinkering with mechanical and electrical devices, came across the appendix with the plans for a turbine powered car.

Thinking, "this thing just might work," he got permission to build a crude prototype of one of the turbines. After several years and with some modifications from the original, it was taken to Dr. Keith Klontz, president of Advanced Motor Tech, a highly regarded expert on electric motors. Tests here confirmed proof of concept and a patent has recently been applied for regarding the successful new innovations.

The publishing company, after seeing the progress that had been made and the increased interest in the car is now going into publication of the manuscript and will devote all profits from the sale of the book to future development of the car.

If you are interested you will receive a numbered, first edition, copy of the book and a certificate to confirm that you are an initial participant on the development of the car. If possible when the vehicle goes into production, the publishing company will attempt to see that certificate holders will have the first opportunity to purchase.

The list price of the book, which is entitled "The Last Caldera" is $19.50, there is no shipping or handling charge. Click the button below to order.
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Book Information
Title: The Last Caldara
Author: Conrad F. Cullin Jr.
Printed pages: 341
Description: Soft cover, perfect bound, 6x9
Humor / Science Fiction
Publisher: Central Recreation Supply Company dba White Dog Publishing